Why Partner With Us?

Victor 12 works with several of the most respected names in government contracting.

Our business and reputation are built on our commitment to long-term relationships with our strategic partners that share common goals. We strive to work with industry leaders and subject matter experts on projects to ensure that the highest standard of professional conduct and ethics are deeply embedded in everything we do. Capitalizing on synergy, we forge strategic partnerships that combine the strengths and capabilities of our teaming partners with our own to provide the best solutions for our clients using our combined resources and talent. Victor 12 and our partner companies work to identify and place experienced personnel to perform a wide range of tasks for clients. Often, we lead a group of sub-contractors. Other times, we’re a member of a group led by another firm. Whatever the role, we bring our problem-solving expertise, spirit of cooperation, and a “drama-free” approach to the table.

Our current partners include:

Partnering + Subcontracting