Department of Veterans Affairs Contracts

VBA Training Infrastructure Support

Contract Number & Type: GS-02F-087BA-VA101V-17-A-0003 FFP

Ceiling: Base and four options estimated at $16,355,605.92, Single Award Contract

Agency: VBA Employee Development and Training

Prime ContractorVictor 12, Inc.

Description: Victor 12 supports VBA’s existing training infrastructure support for all Services. It operates, develops, and manages the VBA Employee Development and Training information systems in accordance with VA security and IT management and configuration control guidelines, to include VA Handbook 6500, The Risk Management Framework for VA Information Systems Tier 3: VA Information Security Program. Victor 12 supports existing training applications and development activities to meet VBA training needs and reporting requirements.

Period of Performance: 10/2017 through 9/2022


VBA Training Program Support

Contract Number & Type: GS-02F-087BA-VA101V-17-A-0004 FFP

Ceiling: Base and four options estimated at $22,561,377.68, Single Award Contract

AgencyVBA Employee Development and Training

Prime Contractor: Victor 12, Inc.

DescriptionVictor 12 provides personnel support to plan, create, implement, update, and develop program initiatives supporting all VBA Business Lines, and Leadership Development Directorate products and services. Victor 12 provides representation and liaison with respect to program coordination, scheduling, logistics, and operational matters. This includes technical and programmatic guidance, consultation, and support via all phases of the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process, supporting VBA products, including: Talent Management System (TMS) Administrative Support (Learning Management Systems Administrator / Curriculum support), Instructor Web-based Training (IWT) and Virtual Training Support (Online Training Developer/Course Advocate support), ISD and Human Performance support, Training Delivery, and Training Administrative and Project support.

Period of Performance: 10/2017 through 9/2022

VHA SimLearn National Center, Orlando, FL

Contract Name & Type:  VA701-16-F-0150  GSA GS-02F-087BA  FFP

Ceiling:  $860,000.00

Agency:  VHA Simulation Learning, Education and Research Network (SimLEARN) National Program Office

Prime Contractor:  Victor 12, Inc.

Description:  Victor 12 provides clinical training support to the SimLEARN National Program Office.  Victor 12 also provides the Simulation Division and SimLEARN National Program Office with the products for efficient and effective conduct of highly organized, clinical training and execution of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation phases of educational projects.

Period of Performance:  09/2018 through 09/2024

John Coster
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