Federal Government

DUNS: 96-666-0719

CAGE Code: 68RY8

Department of Veterans Affairs

  • VA Acquisition Academy (VAAA)
  • VHA Healthcare Leadership Talent Institute (HLTI)
  • VA Office of Resolution Management (ORM)
  • VA Financial Services Center (FSC)
  • VHA Simulation Learning, Education and Research Network (SimLEARN)
  • VA Learning University (VALU)

Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)

  • VBA Benefits Assistance Service
  • VBA Compensation Service
  • VBA Education Service
  • VBA Insurance Service
  • VBA Loan Guaranty Service
  • VBA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment
  • VBA Pension and Fiduciary Service

Department of Homeland Security

  • Office for Bombing Prevention (OBP)

Past Performance

A sample of our past performance includes:

  • SimLEARN: Victor 12 provides medical clinical simulation instructors to deliver training, support the analysis of training needs, design training events, develop lesson plans and student materials, and facilitate the collaboration with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for content development and technical accuracy reviews.
  • VBA (Training Program Support & Delivery Services): Victor 12 supports all phases of the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process, including VA Talent Management System (TMS), Learning Management System Administrator/Curriculum support, Instructor-led Web based Training (IWT), virtual training support, human performance support, training delivery, and training administrative and project support.
  • VBA (Training Infrastructure System Support): Victor 12 manages, maintains, and executes a variety of data sources to manage the VBA’s enterprise training infrastructure that supports more than 22,000 users.
  • VAAA Supply Chain Management School: Victor 12 provides instructors to deliver 42 courses supporting five general competencies and fourteen technical competencies within three professional levels. Support also includes program management, coaching, course auditing, development, and maintenance.
  • DHS National Protection and Preparedness Directorate (NPPD), Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP), Protective Security Coordination Division (PSCD), and the Office for Bombing Prevention (OBP): Victor 12 updates, redesigns, and develops Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) related training courses.
Victor 12 has provided the highest quality of goods and services throughout the Base period of the BPA.”

Victor 12 has done an outstanding job in remaining on schedule and managing resources and deliverables to ensure that all deliverables are received in a timely fashion as well with outstanding quality controls.”

The Victor 12 Program Manager has done an exceptional job in managing all aspects of this BPA Order and has an outstanding work relationship with the Government PM counterpart.”

Victor 12 has provided course advocate support and TMS administration which allowed for successful registration and conduct of over 75 training events without interruption.”

“This is a schedule intensive contract of which Victor 12 does an outstanding job meeting deadlines and staying on schedule.”

“All courses were taught as scheduled, both on site and virtually. Even when presented with risks such as significant weather and instructor illness, no class was left untaught.”

“Victor 12 provides high quality work on a consistent basis that exceeds expectations.”


512110, 512191, 519130, 541330, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541618, 541990, 561990, 611420, 611430, 611519, 611699, 611710.

Primary NAICS 611710

PSC Codes

U008, B542, AF11, B544, U002, U009